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Hello and welcome to my graphics art !

My name is Markus Vogt, i am a german digital artist who has started creating computer imagery many years ago - first of all with 2D image processing or illustration programs, shortly later ive become interested in the incredible possibilities and power of 3D modeling, animation and rendering packages. These are my main focus now.

My art has appeared in several graphics related magazines like "3D World", "3dArtist", "Advanced Photoshop" or "Animation Reporter" as well as on various book and CD covers.

I love the worlds of Science Fiction and Dark Fantasy Art and most of my images fall under this category. I am inspired by some of the classic painters and illustrators like HR Giger, Z. Beksinski or John Berkey as well as from some of the fantastic artists of today like David Ho, Meats Meier, Yann Souetre, Yang Xueguo, Allen Wei Ming or Paul Gerrard.

In addition to my presented galleries here on this site you can also take a look at my other online portfolios and exclusive interviews via the Links page here.

My artworks are available for licensing. In case you should be interested please sent me a message for further details and additional information!

None of my images is available for any kind of free usage in any form without my express permission!

So thanks for taking time and i hope you enjoy your visit!

All images are created by Markus Vogt. All rights reserved. No copying, lending, exhibition, manipulation or misuse in any kind without my written permission!

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